Cancer Australia Enterprise Agreement

Many people fear being discriminated against when they tell their employer that they have cancer. Others fear being laid off because they need a break from work for the treatment or care of a family member with cancer. While many employers and colleagues are both employers and colleagues who are both solicit and supportive, discrimination can occur in the workplace. Knowing your rights and duties can help you ensure that you are treated fairly. This section deals with the law applicable to most workers in Australia under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act of 1992 and the Fair Work Act of 2009. The law that applies to you depends on the organization you work for, your employment status and whether there are applicable state or territory laws. Your premium or business agreement may offer additional rights. You should get concrete advice on your situation by a lawyer who specializes in employment issues. If you can`t afford professional advice, you may be able to support the Cancer Council`s recommended legal, financial and employment services. For more information, please contact 13 11 20. Cancer Australia is trying to attract and recruit diversity and, if possible, participate in comprehensive GSP recruitment programs to advance this business. Cancer Australia is committed to creating a work environment that values and encourages the contribution and experience of our employees from diverse backgrounds.

Harnessing these multiple skills, experiences and qualities allows us to be more efficient, innovative and creative, improve our performance and generate better business results. When positions are available and tendered, details of the role and application process are published on this page. Cancer Australia is committed to an inclusive and non-discriminatory workplace, where different points of view are recognized and people from all backgrounds close to humans can work together in harmony.