Cooperation Agreement Between

When it came into force and in relations between the Republic of Moldova and the Community, this agreement replaces the agreement between the European Economic Community, the European Atomic Energy Community and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on trade and economic and trade cooperation, signed in Brussels on 18 December 1989. The Community`s objectives and areas of financial aid are defined in an indicative programme that sets out the priorities to be agreed between the two parties, taking into account the needs of the Republic of Moldova, sectoral absorption capacity and progress in reform. The parties inform the cooperation council. encourages the adoption of an arbitration procedure for the settlement of disputes arising from commercial and cooperative transactions between economic operators from the Community and the Republic of Moldova, 4. Particular attention will be paid to measures that can promote cooperation between independent states to promote harmonious development of the region. 3. To this end, cooperation will focus on industrial cooperation, investment and financial support, public procurement, compliance standards and assessment, mining and raw materials, science and technology, education and training, agriculture and agribusiness, energy, environment, transport, telecommunications, financial services, money laundering, monetary policy , regional development, social cooperation, tourism, small and medium-sized enterprises, information and communication, consumer protection, customs, statistical cooperation, the economy and drugs. The trade in nuclear materials is in line with the provisions of the Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community. If necessary, the trade in nuclear materials is subject to the provisions of a specific agreement to be concluded between the European Atomic Energy Community and the Republic of Moldova. 1. The Community and the Republic of Moldova establish economic cooperation that will contribute to the process of economic reform and recovery and sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova. This cooperation strengthens existing economic ties for the benefit of both parties. It is important to include in the cooperation agreement the reasons why cooperation can cease.

At the beginning of the cooperation agreement, this is obviously not the first thing you are thinking about, but of course you may be in conflict with the other party or the other party is not complying with the obligations of the cooperation agreement.