Undp Internship Agreement

After employment There is no job at UNDP after an internship. UNDP does not assume responsibility for the trainee`s health and life insurance or for costs resulting from accidents and illnesses that occurred during an internship. Applicants must therefore have adequate and regular health insurance. Proof of medical care/visas must be provided before the start of the internship. Observation:Ages between 18 (18) and 30 (30) yearsDiscover the following internship policy for more information: Please note the reference conditions below for current internships: trainees specialize in the following areas: public relations/communication, sustainable development, governance and peace-building, climate and peace protection, climate and disaster protection, human rights, gender, the fight against HIV/AIDS, civic engagement promotion and sustainable development goals. During the internship, they gain hands-on experience in various aspects of project management in an international work environment. UNDP disclaims any responsibility for any loss or damage to personal belongings that may occur during the internship. UNDP costs incurred by trainees, including unDP-requested assignments, in carrying out internship-related activities are reimbursed by UNDP on the same basis as the costs incurred by the staff or, if applicable, the expenses reimbursed to the staff, including the payment of the daily allowance. Working conditionsIn terms of the workplace and the equipment needed to carry out the internships, workers must be equipped with the workstation and the equipment necessary to carry out the internships. The internship can be carried out with flexible work arrangements if: the host office agrees in writing to accept an intern on the basis of flexible work arrangements; and the intern agrees that he or she should be required to work full-time for at least two months.

An internship under this plan must be completed within six months. TerminationThe internship may be completed either by UNDP or by the intern for some reason, after two weeks` notice. Selection, registration, evaluation and certification courses must be published electronically, individually or generically, when a rolling chart is completed. Trainees should be selected on as wide a geographical basis as possible, regardless of race, gender or religion. After the signing of the internship contract, the intern`s personal files must be entered into the ATLAS/HCM module; At the end of the internship, the tutor establishes a written evaluation of the trainee`s performance and arranges a meeting with him to give him feedback. Once the internship is complete, the intern receives a certificate from UNDP. Responsibilities and obligations of internsInterns: Respect for all applicable UNDP rules, regulations, instructions, procedures and guidelines, regardless of their status, in accordance with paragraph 6 of this policy; Make available to the Host Office a copy of all the documents they produced during the internship. UNDP is entitled to all property rights, including patents, copyrights and trademarks, for material directly related to or provided as a result of the services provided as part of the internship. At UNDP`s request, trainees help secure these property rights and transfer them to UNDP, in accordance with the requirements of the applicable law; Respect the impartiality and independence required by the United Nations and the Reception Office and not to seek or accept instructions on the services provided under the internship contract to a government or authority outside UNDP; Unless otherwise authorized by the Reception Office, they are not allowed to disclose to the media or any institution, person, government or other outside party information they have been aware of because of their links to the United Nations, UNDP or the Reception Office, which they must know or know that they were not or should not have been aware of.